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Tiraya Technology aim to improve existing technologies, processes, designs and marketing to solve problems, increase efficiency, reach new customers, and ultimately increase profits. We also believe that Innovation and Business Development are the balancing keys of business success

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Tiraya Technology is helping agriculture and food companies and systems navigate disruptive trends and technologies, and also Improving end-to-end efficiency through the integration of technology.

We deliver transformational impact for agriculture companies by helping them optimize yields, navigate disruptive agricultural trends, and proactively prepare for shifts in policies though advanced analytics, consumer insight, and decades of expertise.

To help farmers increase productivity and profitability, Tiraya Technology has combined digital technologies such as the Internet of Things with its big data analytics, visualization capabilities, and industry knowledge.

Learn more about these two innovative Digital Agriculture solutions below.

IoT Agriculture

Smart agriculture including reduced environmental footprint, better quality of production, optimized equipment monitoring. IoT (Internet of Things) is the number one solution that enables both commercial and local farmers to contend with the series of challenges they face.

Agriculture Drone

It removes assumption-based working habits in the agriculture industry and gives farmers the ability to maximize their yields as well as to carry out more efficient agricultural management while increasing production. The increasing number in population and the change of climate leads to more needs of the importance of efficient agriculture.

There are several uses of drone technology for agriculture, including:

  • To observe the condition of the soil and plants.
  • To check weeds and care of plants.
  • To monitor the overall plant health.
  • To water plants more efficiently.
  • To spread fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides.
  • Optimize agriculture operations
  • Increase crop production
  • Monitor crop growth
  • Sensors and digital imaging capabilities can give farmers a richer picture of their fields.
  • Using an agriculture drone and gathering information from it may prove useful in improving crop yields and farm efficiency.