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Biometrics Access Control

Keeping people behind or outside of closed doors (physical or logical) before authorizing them to pass through is a vital security essential for all organizations. Keys, badges, various versions of key cards and fobs, and passwords have been the mainstay of physical access control for decades. All can be lost, stolen, and easily reproduced and are becoming less and less relevant in an ever more complicated world.


Replacing or supplementing these traditional methods with biometric authentication increases security, speed, and efficiency. When integrated with a time-and-attendance mechanism, companies can save tens of thousands of dollars by reducing time theft. Because of the availability of several reliable modalities (e.g. finger, face, iris, palm), your security solution can include critical factors like the level of security your organization requires and the physical, emotional and religious requirements of your population.


Access control barriers with biometric access control machines have turned the safety parameters to a professional level which results in zero security breach and theft at offices and workplaces, also making the administration and the management completely aware about the employee’s in and outs along with the day’s first punch in and last punch out which will constitute their attendance. Biometric door access control systems with barriers promise firm security and maintained attendance records giving the administration and the Human resource department a pleasant experience in salary processing and security management.


With Tiraya Technology’s combination of expertise, software solutions, biometric devices and security partners, we can help you craft the unique security access control solution your organization needs.