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Bring AI and IoT To Indonesia

In a state address at the 2018 Annual Session at the Jakarta DPR/MPR Building, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) alluded to the matter of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).


“We need to be able to talk about the artificial intelligence, internet of things, and various types of new technological advances that appear in almost every single second,” said Jokowi.


He asserted that Indonesia needs to adapt quickly and should not fall behind other countries that are currently competing and speeding up to improve their respective countries in today’s digital era and changes in civilization.


Jokowi said that we could not face and respond that changes in civilization with excessive pessimism and worry.

“We must instead be optimistic and confident that our social capital and national energy are strong to jump forward,” Jokowi said.

“Just see when four of our Indonesian young students won the world-class Robotic Games contest at the end of last year. That is the proof that Indonesia does not need to be fearful of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, no need to worry about the future,” Jokowi added.

“We must instead utilize our existing developments to move Indonesia farther ahead,” he continued.


Jokowi did also invite people to be agile and to quickly take every available opportunity ahead since nowadays, those who have agility perform better instead of those who depend on their size in any matter.


“Indonesia does not need to be daunted, lest we are not confident, we should not doubt the ability of our nation, because the truth is, Indonesia’s talent and reputation have been recognized internationally,” he concluded.

President Joko Widodo demanded the development of the technology of the defense to respond to the development of defense technology in the world.


On another occasion, Jokowi had also raised the necessity for purchasing drones. Jokowi warned about the development of unmanned aircraft or weapons equipped drones.


“Even now we have experienced how drone technology is given weapons in chasing tanks, chasing military vehicles as well as eliminating and chasing on target,” Jokowi said when opening a meeting of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, Thursday (1/23).


Hence, the purchase of the main weaponry system (defense equipment) must pay attention to this issue. Alutsista must pay attention to the technological leap for the next 50 years.


Currently, Indonesia is also exploring cooperation with many countries regarding the development of defense equipment. France and South Korea are to name a few.


Previously, Indonesia cooperated in the manufacture of advanced fighter aircraft with Korea in the Korean Fighter Xperiment / Indonesia Fighter Xperiment (KFX / IFX) project. While the cooperation with France is still under further discussion.


In addition to working together in developing the defense equipment, Indonesia does also encourages the sale of defense equipment to several countries. Among others to the Philippines and Ghana.


“The Philippines is also still in an ongoing process and is likely to also be won by us, (besides) there are several other countries,” explained Jokowi.


Because the defense industry itself must be encouraged. Including the use of technological developments such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)

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