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Construction Drones

Utilization of drone technology supports you or your company with the configured solutions to help with your building inspection requirements. Our drone kit will not only allow you to do the visual inspection of the entire building but also check hot spots using thermal technology. This enables you to check the state of the structure safely and quickly. It will also help you to identify defects, leaks, and corrosion without having to spend extra expenses for additional personnel and equipment.

The production of aerial photo maps, as well as a 3D model of the surface of the area to be built, will provide helpful information for your construction planning.

Taking Aerial Photos with Drone Mapping and speedy data processing will help you to observe the progress of construction work comprehensively as an evaluation material for construction activities.

Why Use Engineering & Construction Drones?

The time- and cost-saving benefits that construction drones offer are being enjoyed by an ever-increasing number of companies. These organisations employ unmanned aircraft in a variety of ways: from monitoring a construction site’s evolution over time, and measuring cut and fill volumes, to performing as-built surveys and generating geo-accurate 3D building models.