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Face Recognition

Biometrics is the most pertinent means of identifying and authenticating individuals in a reliable and fast way through the use of unique biological characteristics. Biometrics allows a person to be identified and authenticated based on a set of recognizable and verifiable data, which are unique and specific to them.


Capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. Comparing selected facial features from given image with faces within a database. It is also described as a Biometrics Artificial Intelligence based application that can uniquely identify a person by analyzing patterns based on the person’s facial textures and shape.


Facial recognition is the process of identifying or verifying the identity of a person using their face. It captures, analyzes, and compares patterns based on the person’s facial details. The face detection process is an essential step as it detects and locates human faces in images and videos. The face capture process transforms analogue information (a face) into a set of digital information (data) based on the person’s facial features. The face match process verifies if two faces belong to the same person.


Today it’s considered to be the most natural of all biometric measurements. And for a good reason – we recognize ourselves not by looking at our fingerprints or irises, for example, but by looking at our faces. If you are about to start on a project that calls for fingerprint, face, iris, voice, palm vein or palm print recognition, let us help you define and achieve your goals as we have done for so many others in the past. Our customers benefit from our high-touch approach and our unsurpassed commitment to excellent customer service.


We know biometrics. In fact, everything we do is connected to biometrics in some way. We understand the challenges, intricacies and the state-of-the-art in biometrics. Our partner have a combined experience of over years in consulting, designing systems and developing and distributing biometric solutions in environments large and small, including:

  • Local, State, and Federal Governments
  • Business/Enterprise
  • Banking/Finance
  • Defense
  • Law Enforcement
  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofit
  • International


As vendor independent consultants and distributors, we provide unbiased guidance in all aspects of biometric implementation:

  • Training
  • Procurement
  • Pre-tender setup and tender evaluation
  • Policy and workflow practices
  • Performance tuning
  • Ongoing management and upgrading of biometric systems
  • Identity management
  • Establishing sound processes for auditing systems
  • Duplication of records using biometrics
  • Assistance in the project management of new systems
  • Architectural design of biometric systems