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Farm Surveillance

Smart farm management calls for taking stock of farms from other perspectives, the sky. Using smart farm management and precision farming practices to make a solid and positive impact on your profit margins.


Traditionally aerial imagery was accessible to only farmers with either access to a plane or by paying for specific satellite images of their farms. This meant that the majority of farmers were restricted to making important farming decisions from the ground only. With the invention of google earth came the ability to view your land from above but with no real detail and certainly although it is a neat thing to have, it was not able to provide the technical insight that farmers really wanted.


We are offering aerial sweeps of farm land and taking pictures. With the advancing technology, it would become incredibly easy to survey farms from the air. A drone equipped with high definition camera equipment that allows farmers at its simplest level to assess their crops visually from above. On a more detailed level it allows them to do so much more.

A prime example, in climate changes the images mapped show the effect the dry, warmer climate is having on farms and in some cases where irrigation changes have not been implemented you are able to literally see the recession of fertile fields gradually over time.


Smart Farm:

  • Collate extensive imagery for individual farms
  • Taking photos over time and using fine-tuned analysis to work out what is happening on the farms
  • Monitoring and providing farmers with problems to be addressed in real time as the evolve.
  • A plane mapped data to work out the changes that are occurring over time.
  • Farmers are able to monitor their own farms and without the additional cost.
  • Farmers can evaluate recessions of their fields simply by looking at pictures. Regardless of which option you choose, choosing an option is much better than standing back bone idle and not doing a thing. Simply staying on top of how your farm is evolving naturally over time means that you are giving yourself a head-start not only immediately, but also for years to come.
  • Catapult your farm into the future.