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Fixed Wing UAV

A flying machine, which is capable of flight using wings that generate lift caused by the aircraft’s forward airspeed and the shape of the wings without a human pilot on board.

Great for extremely detailed and accurate collection of elevation data of the ground, large and vegetated areas, performed with specialized, single function platforms or expensive manned aircraft surveys with long lead times. Suitable for projects that require multiple mapping flights.

Let’s figure it out if your business needs a fixed-wing UAV.

1. Time Saving
-Implies a large area of land.
-Usually used for construction, maintenance, agriculture or public safety, this will save a lot of time as opposed to landing every half hour.
-Can fly up to 10 times longer than multi-rotor drones. When it comes to surveying, a whole survey can usually be completed on a single flight, saving a large amount of time.

2. Greater Altitude
-It can fly at a higher altitude than other drones.
-Suitable for surveys and agriculture.
-Can cover large plot of ground and geography.
-Efficient than the use of a multi-rotor drone that is not possible to achieve on a single flight.
-Resistance drones can be controlled up to 40 miles.

3. Weather
Batteries can exceed 45 minutes that covers many kilometers once in the air.

4. Maintenance
A simpler structure and are less complicated to get maintained reduce maintenance cost