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Tiraya Technology aim to improve existing technologies, processes, designs and marketing to solve problems, increase efficiency, reach new customers, and ultimately increase profits. We also believe that Innovation and Business Development are the balancing keys of business success

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Discover how we help Freight and Logistics companies navigate to an accelerated digital future.


Tiraya Technology Consulting and Solutions recognizes that accessibility has become a critical focus area for government to improve the user experience on any device, optimize communications, satisfy compliance requirements, and create an inclusive workplace environment. Some areas that we are expertise with, are including Smart City and Robotic Process Automation.


Benefits from utilizing Smart City include:

  • Increased Quality
  • Increased Speed
  • Cost Reductions
  • Adaptability
  • Scalability
  • Consistence Performance

Our consulting service for the government are including:

  • Economic development and sector strategies
  • Privatization
  • Change management
  • Cost and service-quality improvements
  • Organizational design
  • IT infrastructure
  • Modernize infrastructure and IT services
  • Optimize delivery of technology services
  • Maximize productivity and minimize operational waste, especially in the area of software license management.
  • Improve enterprise operations and collaboration.
  • Support information assurance.

Our Services


E-government (electronic government) is the use of technological communications devices to provide public services to citizens and other persons in a country or region. It refers to the utilization of Information Technology (IT), Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and other web-based telecommunication technologies to improve and/or enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the public sector. The application of a proper e-government system shall be able to move the country towards a true democracy.

Government transparency will give insight to the public on user decision-making process and hold elected officials or public servants accountable for user actions. This allows stakeholders exchanging information and the public to access services electronically such as tax, land management, business registration, e-health, e-procurement and electronic payment. We can conduct feasibility study, due diligence, deliver and operate an E-Government solution that is tailored specifically to your needs and requirements.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring is an operation to obtain a quantitative measurement of atmospheric substances concentration. This action is performed by citizens, regulatory agencies, and researchers. It does, however, have inevitable challenges as it requires the effective integration of multiple environmental data sources. Specialized observation equipment and tools to assess air sampling by thorough bio monitoring measurement techniques are particularly required to overcome these challenges.

The collective data points gathered along with the environment and organism health effects associated with exposure to the monitored levels will, in turn, construct the interpretation of ambient air monitoring. Once it reveals concentrations of multiple chemical compounds, a unique “chemical fingerprint” of a particular air pollution source – which can be both naturally occurring and anthropogenic – may appear from the analysis of the data.

Remote Monitoring and Control of Street Light

The main objective of having remote monitoring and control of street light is energy saving. Many countries are using computer-based automatic monitoring for this intelligent control system. There are indeed various ways of implementing this system nationwide. Two of them which widely used abroad are PLC-based networking method, and GSM short message control mode. The application of this intelligent lighting control system allows cities to lower users electricity cost, reducing the needs of labor as well as its human error consequences, and provide better safety feels to society.

Remote Watering of Public Gardens and Green Areas

Remote watering technology is another inspiring integration of IoT in daily life. This technology – with its unique, distinctive, case-by-case implementations – offers visionary solutions to overcome various challenges, issues, and limitations. This particular technology aims to solve water supply, consumption, and quality issues, humidity issue, as well as energy consumption challenge.

Smart Waste Management

This system helps you save money by creating an efficient waste collection, giving you certainty in time for proper waste collection, monitoring waste turnover gradually, and making planned waste management with detailed reports.

Monitor each location along with the capacity and costs in it. The help from maintenance report records makes it easy to manage your waste. With this smart sensor, you can measure the level of efficiency of daily waste management, plan time and route of collection, see prediction results, view reports from residents, and provide maintenance for this report.

Energy Management System

We offer a secure and customizable system that helps you make the right decision at the right time. Our Energy Management System is acknowledged as an information infrastructure to build your energy policy according to the ISO 50001 standard.