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Ground Control Station

Ground Control Station is developed for flight control and monitoring, as well as visual reception and Realtime image recording during the flight. Based on customer needs, software can be specialized and necessary changes may be applied to the autopilot and ground control software.

Land and sea-based control center provides the facilities for human control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

A set of equipment and systems that assume mission planning and control tasks (flight control, payload control), information distribution or dissemination to external or end users, communications with the assigned control tower. Allow you to collect coordinate data that will help to acquire more accurate information. Typically use for clients that needs land surveying, and construction analysis.

  • Mission planning. The mission is comprised basically of the definition of the flight plan to be followed and the actions that should be executed.
  • Communication with the UAV. To transmit the orders and receive telemetry, with speed, altitude and position data, directional and omnidirectional antennas are used with redundant radio modems.
  • The payload is composed of electro-optical vision and infrared or thermal vision, and may also include temperature, moisture, CO2 sensors, hyperspectral cameras and other sensors. The sensors and airborne systems may collect a large quantity of information and send it to the station in real time.
  • The mission is executed by the autonomous flight control system. It should be considered that, although the UAV flies autonomously, it is always possible to take control from the control station (GCS).

Use Case

  • Coordinate Based Data: Volumetric, Distance and Area Calculations
  • Land Surveying: Topographic, Contour & Grading Information
  • Collecting ground data

Types of Surveys

  • Property Surveys
  • Activity that needs to generating maps
  • Insurance Assessments
  • Environment Report
  • Contractor Survey
  • Breaking Ground
  • Surveyors Activity
  • Government Survey