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Tiraya Technology aim to improve existing technologies, processes, designs and marketing to solve problems, increase efficiency, reach new customers, and ultimately increase profits. We also believe that Innovation and Business Development are the balancing keys of business success

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IoT Consulting

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes connectivity definite for our client’s business and their customers. Whether it’s about  new business opportunities, Improve monitoring, Improve control of operation processes, maintenance predict and act, communicate and analyze your big data, your company can almost certainly gaining perks from IoT technologies.

Our IoT team have the experience and knowledge you need to apply the most competent IoT cloud solutions and or applications that can benefit your business. It is a huge offer for companies as we connect the physical and the digital world together that helps clients solutions and IoT technology, customers, shareholders, by using integrated business structure. Our IoT consulting services has a wide selection of customized offers.

Tiraya Technology’s team of experienced IoT developers and consultants who are ready to share their expertise and knowledge to assist clients creating the right IoT strategy for their digital revolution initiative or find the best-fit approach to evolving an existing IoT solution. We deliver both on smaller projects and larger ones, showing how you will make efficiency and savings through scalable business benefits.

We Aid You at Any Stage of Your IoT Initiative

Whether you are just starting out on the IoT journey or are already on it, our IoT consultants will help you take advantage of new technological opportunities and align them with your business strategy.

Planning Stage

At the planning stage, our IoT consulting team will assist you in the following ways:

Demonstrating the potential for transforming IoT to business management

We'll analyze the specifics of your business to develop sensible IoT use cases, outline the benefits they can drive in your business environment, and estimate the potential long-term savings.

Planning an IoT solution in line with the desired business goals

Our IoT consultants will study the peculiarities of your business, the specific challenges you wish to tackle, and the benefits you would like to have with IoT to determine the functionality and capabilities that your future IoT solution should provide.

Developing an IoT solution roadmap

Our IoT consulting experts will break down the desired shipment into specific tasks to create a structured visual representation of when and how the IoT solution will be implemented.

Designing IoT architecture

Depending on the requirements for the functionality of future IoT solutions, we will design a flexible and scalable IoT architecture that is customized to support your specific business goals.

Choosing the right technology stack

We'll help you select the technology stack needed to meet your business needs efficiently and cost-effectively, and choose a reliable technology vendor.

Develop an IoT security strategy

Our experts will leverage the best practices in information security to prevent data abuse at every level of the IoT ecosystem: device security, data security, operational technology security, and more. We will ensure the collection and use of your data is consistent with relevant standards and regulations (for example, HIPAA in healthcare, ISA99 / IEC 62443 in manufacturing, and many more).

Implementing PoC (Proof of Concept)

We will assist you in validating the design effectiveness of the solution architecture and the competence of selected vendors. Implementing PoC will allow testing of the solution before rolling it out throughout your business environment.

Prepare detailed IoT solution requirements

Our IoT consulting team will interview project stakeholders and potential users about their requests and desired use cases, conduct feasibility studies and analyze existing service descriptions, and consider legal, regulatory, environmental and other requirements to create a complete and valid description of a IoT solutions.

Our IoT Technologies Partner

Iobot is leading IoT solution providers in Asia Pacific. Providing an industrial IoT Platform with Customizable Input Data Channels, Data Storage and Analytics Options in Single Package. Through their services, they  help companies in IoT solutions development and deployment journey to achieve operational and financial benefits. They  are debt free profit-making company.

JavaTech Automation, since February 2013, create smart ecosystem of industry, including Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Brand Protection System.

With a lot of experience in the many industrial field by helping with internet of things implementation at one of major food chain retailer to monitor their cold chain logistics, helping world’s leading glass manufacturer to monitor the Equipment’s on shop floor, Monitor the OEE( Overall Equipment efficiency) of the machines on the shop floor of the manufacturing company.