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Tiraya Technology aim to improve existing technologies, processes, designs and marketing to solve problems, increase efficiency, reach new customers, and ultimately increase profits. We also believe that Innovation and Business Development are the balancing keys of business success

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Smart Farming

Modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into agriculture, leading to what can be called a Third Green Revolution. We combine application of ICT solutions such as precision equipment, the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors and actuators, geo-positioning systems, Big Data, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, drones), robotics, and many more. Smart Farming has a real potential to deliver a more productive and sustainable agricultural production, based on a more precise and resource-efficient approach.

Smart Farming Consulting services

Tiraya Technology provides annual, monthly, and hourly agricultural consulting services to suit your specific needs. We offer consulting services for vineyard, land, irrigation, and agricultural education and research, as well as government compliance consulting. We also perform sampling, collection and lab analysis services. Through our consulting services we can help you develop and implement an agricultural plan or project.

Our team of business consultants have experience in delivering practical business solutions. With a detailed knowledge of all types of farming system, we can help with the development of your business plans. This might mean a change of direction, succession planning or improving the efficiency of a current system. Our plans are based on a practical and informed knowledge of farming and rural activities. We will help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

With our partners’ experiences in agricultural production, research and management. Our fully integrated approach to agricultural production allows you, as a grower, to make the best decisions based on the current conditions in your vineyard or field, in a timely and timely manner.

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Livestock Farming & Poultry

Demand for meat has increased dramatically over the last few decades. Global production has quadrupled from 80 to more than 300 million tonnes between 1963 and the present. This development is mainly driven by continued population growth and an increase in per capita income.

In the past, most of the demand growth was met by the increase in slaughter weight, but animal productivity growth is expected to slow down in the future. The livestock sector already uses one-third of global arable land and 8% of available fresh water. It is also largely responsible for deforestation and biodiversity loss and accounts for 15% of global CO2 emissions. As the population and income are expected to continue to grow, the demand for meat will also increase rapidly.

Therefore, the objectives of the sector must be to meet future demands, ensure consistent quality, and to achieve this in a sustainable manner without causing irreparable environmental damage or exceeding global resources.

Our team of livestock consultants has expertise in a wide range of livestock species including pigs, poultry, cattle and sheep (and small species eg deer).

We provide a wide range of services throughout the supply chain, from livestock, health and wellness through nutrition and breeding, meat quality, business review and project management. We work directly with individual farmers and levies on research and development and knowledge transfer across the agricultural sector.

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Smart Greenhouse

When it comes to greenhouses, they are great protection from bad weather conditions, but what many people don’t realize is that outside factors have a significant impact on what happens to your plants inside the greenhouse.

There are optimal conditions under which plants thrive and finding a sweet spot can be tricky when you consider all environmental variables including light and solar radiation, wind, atmospheric pressure, and relative humidity as well as rain and precipitation. Create an ideal environment for your plants with an automatic greenhouse.

Tiraya technology provides Farming Consultancy Services. Skilled experts render these scientific services to enhance the knowledge and production capacity of the growers. In order to update the farmers and growers with the latest technologies and innovative methods of farming, we provide the best of the solutions that suit the growing region. We can ensure that a grower establishes an Integrated Smart Greenhouse System.

Our team of smart greenhouse consultants has expertise in a wide range of smart greenhouse system including Automated Greenhouse, Indoor Growing, protected cropping and vertical farming.

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Fish Farming

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food production sectors in the world, which promises to meet the dietary protein requirements of a growing population, and the region has taken a leading role in aquaculture production over the past three decades. However, despite the extraordinary production, the rapid development associated with the support of scientific and technological advances has become a relatively new phenomenon and many aquaculture practices are still very empirical or a kind of art to some extent, with which scientific precision is not yet available. Trial and error is still the prevailing way of thinking and is an important approach for farmers to make maximum use of the system’s carrying capacity and production margins demanded by food security needs or pursuing commercial profits.

Fish Farming Consulting

Work together with a strong partnership and their professional firm providing design, development, productivity, and competitiveness services predominantly within the aquaculture sector.

Our focus is on using the latest international advances in aquaculture technology, combined with a pragmatic `what works in aquaculture’ attitude, to develop fish farming systems that are cost effective to erect and operate, produce the targetted production volumes and are as simple as possible to manage. Furthermore, we focus on using technology that is sustainable in the long term from the economic, biological and environmental perspectives.

We also produce Business Plans for clients to tie the design, costing and earning potential of the production system into a Bankable Document to be used in fund raising and directing the development of the Project.

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Smart Agriculture

Helping your farm, agricultural organisation negotiate the transition to smart agriculture. Farmers and the food production industry are faced with the inexorable contradictions between their business constraints, globalisation and the advance of new technologies.

We are dedicated to providing top-quality agriculture-related products and services. We use the latest technology and techniques to help growers, agricultural consultants, and farm managers achieve maximum success through improved crop quality and plant growth and development while saving time and money.

We provides annual, monthly and hourly agricultural consulting services to suit your specific needs. We offer consulting services for vineyards, soils, irrigation, and agricultural education and research, as well as governmental compliance consulting. Through our consulting services, we can help you develop and implement a farming plan or project.

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