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Mobile Payment

E – Wallet App Features

Tiraya Technology offers feature-rich and fully-protected eWallet Application Development Services for Android, iPhone and Wearable Devices.

An eWallet app requires a different set of features depending on the target market. We understand this very well, therefore we have a huge stack of features readily available to infuse into your mobile payment app. From third-party online services payment integrations to USSD payments for feature phones, we can do it all to make your mobile payment app a success.

Customer Onboarding

A digital wallet app requires customer identity information for the KYC process and getting this information during the signup process is quite tricky. We create a seamless onboarding experience for your customers to improve retention. We also provide offline ID verification integration so that your customer can verify their identity by physically visiting kiosks.

Add Money to Mobile App Wallet

Users can add and store funds to the mobile app digital wallet to use for online services and payments. The reason they do credit their e-wallet is that it allows them to send money or pay bills instantly by just entering a PIN, Retina Scan, or fingerprint authentication.

Send and Receive Funds

It allows the users to send and receive money through the application. The users can enter the recipient phone number or they could scan the barcode of the recipient’s application to send money. We also integrate QR code, NFC and beacon technologies to allow users to send funds or to pay for services. In the same manner, the user can receive money from other users. Users can also send payment requests to other users for incoming fund transfers. Once the payment is sent, these funds are instantly available in the mobile payment application to use.

Bank Account Configuration

To leverage bank to bank fund transfer and load the money into the e-wallet, the users are asked to link their bank account with the e-wallet application. The users can link their bank account with the app by providing their bank account details. This information is being kept confidential and is stored in a very secure format using various security compliances. The mobile wallet app allows users to configure more than one bank account to the application.

Transaction History or e-Wallet Passbook

Users can check all of the previous transactions that they have made on the mobile payment application itself. Furthermore, they would be able to see the transaction amount value, the sender or recipient’s details, dates of payments, and any additional comments that were added when the transaction was made. With the USSD payment e-wallets, the users can also access the transaction history via USSD codes on their feature phones.

Check Wallet Balance

The users can see the real-time e-wallet balance within the mobile payment app. If the users have linked their bank account with the application, they can also check their bank account balance.

Digital Wallet to Bank Transfer

We integrate the payment gateways seamlessly so that you can allow your mobile payment app users to send the payment app wallet amount to their bank accounts.