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Multi-rotor Aerial Photo

Multi-Rotor for Your Next Project?

Aerial 360° panoramas, photography, video, mapping and IR thermal services. A multi- color photographs from an aircraft or other flying object.


A multi-rotor is a good choice for operators who need to get a camera in the air for a short period of time. Multi-rotor drones are best for aerial photography and aerial cinematography. Also, the popular choice for aerial photography, filmmaking and surveillance


One of the advantages a multi-rotor is its high-degree of control over position and framing for aerial shots. However, a downside is speed and endurance limitations. Multi-rotor’s high-level of stabilization comes with a constant need for fast and high-precision throttle changes.

  • More efficient than an octo-copter.

  • Increase flight duration and payload capacity.
  • the best option for longer flight time and zero-vibration operations.
  • Cheapest drone option
  • Multi-rotor drones are easy control and maneuver
  • Ability to hover
  • Take off and land vertically



Aerial photography and video aerial inspection, leisure, agriculture, construction, security.