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Smart Waste Management

Planning, Arrange and Monitoring of Waste

This system helps you save money by creating an efficient waste collection, giving you certainty in time for proper waste collection, monitoring waste turnover gradually, and making planned waste management with detailed reports.

Monitor each location along with the capacity and costs in it. The help from maintenance report records makes it easy to manage your waste. With this smart sensor, you can measure the level of efficiency of daily waste management, plan time and route of collection, see prediction results, view reports from residents, and provide maintenance for this report.

  1. Plan Waste Collection

    Plans collection efficiently to eliminate the half-empty bins collection and apply the over-flowing bins prevention.

  2. Detailed bin Estimation

    Keep track of all your bins and monitor fill levels and history. Optimize the collection with the detailed bin estimation.

  3. Overflowing bins Control

    Your bins are overflowing? Take an action to maintains control over the quality of service so the centers of recycling stay clean and nice.

  4. Inefficient Collections Monitoring

    The sensor recognizes periodically the pick collection. By using real-time reports, monitor inefficient collections immediately.

  5. Cost Arrangement

    Arrange the cost with the detailed calculation. Use the tools to help you know the cost of each variable, volume, duration, and weight. Calculate the cost with the collection that you set up.

  6. Report Solution

    Comprehensive reports are available to help you understand the operation. Report any issues and find the solution.