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Tiraya Technology aim to improve existing technologies, processes, designs and marketing to solve problems, increase efficiency, reach new customers, and ultimately increase profits. We also believe that Innovation and Business Development are the balancing keys of business success

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Fintech & Ecommerce

The rapid rise and equally rapid evolution of online and mobile commerce gives rise to Financial Technology and a wave of new payment methods. All the benefits are including Business Growth, Customer Retention, Customer Convenience, Improves Cash Flow, Integrates Loyalty Programs, Watch Security, Cross-Platform Solutions.


  • Government
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Private Sectors
  • Retailers
  • E-Commerce


  • Retail Banking Solution
  • Mobile Banking Solutions
  • Smart Card Solutions
  • Digital Underwriting Solutions
  • Core Banking Solutions
  • P2P Solutions
  • E-Wallet


  • Regulation Experts
  • Feasibility Study of the project
  • Project Management
  • Risk Assestment
  • ROI calculation
  • Security Assestment


  • Research and Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud computing and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
  • Disruptive financial solutions
  • Mobile payment
  • Open banking
  • Virtual currencies