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Spraying & Protection

Crop spraying, aerial irrigation, aerial topdressing, or ag application – formerly also known as crop dusting – is when a specialized agricultural aircraft is used to seed or fertilize fields, or spray crops with protective products such as pesticides.


Modern management in sustainable agriculture requires the fast information about condition of cultivated plants and the quick response to undesirable phenomena such as appearance of pests. The use of drones for spraying plants will allow for rapid application of plant protection agents on the growing areas.


Why Use Aircraft for Crop Spraying?

  • Accurate way of protecting crops from disease and pests.
  • Cost Effective compared to the cost of surface level pesticide and fertilization applicators giving more economical option.
  • When your crops are under threat from pests or disease, it is essential to spray them as quickly as possible to minimize the damage and potential losses.
  • Aircraft can cover larger areas much faster than tractors and other surface level applicators.
  • Spread Pesticides
  • Lower risk with surface level applicators as they move through the crops.
  • Reduced application costs
  • Affordable applications
  • Can be used very frequently for crop protection, fertilization, and plant growth control increasing yield.
  • Increase level of productivity