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Surveying & Mapping

The data collection and analysis to produce invaluable insights for knowledgeable decision making, risk management, and planning aim to increase your profits.

Surveying and mapping the industrial environment is time-consuming, difficult, and often dangerous. Drones will help provide scheduled and on-demand air data collection, and premium processing and analysis capabilities to support important processes such as stack volume measurement, field mapping, site planning, and more.

Without compromising the demands of the profession, this precision-based solution simplifies the survey process with a predetermined mapping mission. Drones are automatically used and landed, and the system analyzes aerial data, creating the best orthophoto and digital elevation models to assist in surveying reports. Aside from surveys and mapping, drones are another solution for security and surveillance, which may greatly assist in various industrial operations.

Why Use Surveying Drones?

Every few years, the geospatial industry undergoes a revolution. First, it was total stations, then came GPS, laser scanners and robotics. Now, professionals are adding another tool, surveying drones, which boast quick data collection times, excellent positional accuracy and a safe operator experience.