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Tiraya Technology Announces Partnership With SenseFly

Tiraya Technology is pleased to announce our new distribution partnership with SenseFly (Subsidiary of Parrot group), the world’s leading commercial fixed-wing solution that has been representing more than 50 percent of registered fixed-wing drones, with one of their products of senseFly eBee.


Founded in 2009, SenseFly’s professional drones are the world’s most widely used aerial mapping tools. Employed by thousands of geospatial and agricultural workers across the globe, these safe, lightweight systems offer automatic operation, professional-grade software, and application-specific camera options. Their proven drone solutions simplify the collection and analysis of geospatial data, allowing professionals in surveying, agriculture, engineering and humanitarian aid to make better decisions, faster, safer and more efficient.


Tiraya Technology’s end-to-end solutions for many various industries sectors such as agriculture, mining, quarrying, military, and construction sites harness drone technology to capture aerial data and translate it into measurable business impact for the users. As a result of this commercial partnership, the most globally utilized, commercial-grade, large-area mapping drone is now offered as part of Tiraya Technology’s offering, which includes cloud-based data processing, analytics, and reporting, as well as the training, support, and professional services enterprises need to deploy drones at scale.


Tiraya Technology will distribute SenseFly’s drones in Indonesia as part of our enterprise solution offering. This solution is available within the universal solutions that we provide for our customer in various sectors, which focuses on improving site and operation efficiency through a suite of industry specific products and services.


SenseFly’s professional drones include lifetime hardware, payload and eMotion software support (plus free lifetime eMotion and firmware updates). They also understand that the best support is local support. That’s why they have created and continue to grow their global network of support service centres. Full training on their products, meanwhile, is available at every SenseFly point of sale.

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