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UAV Power Line Monitoring


UAV Power Line Monitoring System

UAV power line monitoring system uses visible light and infrared thermal camera and other monitoring equipment to inspect power lines. This system has features of high efficiency & security, suitable for different geographical regions, high monitoring quality, security and etc.

UAV system for power lines monitoring is operated autonomously and do not require advanced skills from operator to be effective solution on industrial scale and applications.

Inspection, aerial photography and monitoring of state and growth of protective area under power lines is getting more popular and widespread as conventional means are either expensive and risky (using piloted aircraft) or taking lot of time and not having all the necessary angles (inspection from ground). Lot of companies are now experimenting with UAVs for this purpose as it is versatile platform giving lot of hope for future. Most of time currently it is done by flying UAVs manually. Either flying by camera or visually.


  • Less staff requirement with more safety. Traditional methods like industrial mountaineering and height works with scaffold services or helicopter operations involve high risk and are cost-intensive.
  • Less time required. Quickly airborne. Quick live image analysis. Immediately processible data.
  • Eliminates the need to take your facilities off the grid, reduced downtime and allows surveys during production or construction.


Application usage for industries:

  • On- & offshore inspection of oil and gas platforms.
  • Inspection of infrastructure like bridges, roads, railways, power lines & equipment, viaducts, subways, tunnels, level crossings, dams, reservoirs, retaining walls etc.
  • Inspection of wind farm & power stations.
  • Inspection of solar park & PV modules.
  • Thermal energy efficiency inspections.
  • Inspection of drilling rigs, pipelines & transmission network.
  • Asset & utility inspection.
  • Drone-based operation in preventive action or emergency cases.
Data processing

Make infrastructure’s inspections faster, safer and more accurate.

High performance server

An emerging technology with strong implications for improving many common public and private processes.

Survey Applications

Use for several aerial imagery projects, we offer a wide range of drones and softwares.